Drink Your Own Garden

$ 19.95

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If you've ever grown a garden, you'll understand the conundrum of the bumper crop. No matter how well you plan, some plants will flourish prodigiously, and at first the bounty is fun. But when you've eaten and given away as many beets as anyone can stand, what then?  

We turn to resources like Drink your own Garden, a fully revised edition of Judith Glover's 1979 text. From fruit and berry wines to honey mead to non-alchoholic cordials and shrubs, Drink your own Garden includes 140 ingenious recipes for those times your garden overproduces, or when you simply want to bottle the summer's bounty. You'll never look at your garden the same way again. 

The book features detailed guidelines, harvesting tips, equipment instructions, and a list of potential problems and remedies for your brews. And we're undeniably smitten by the beautiful vintage botanical illustrations throughout. A marvelous gift, maybe you deserve one too?