Hanakatsu Floral Frog

$ 6.00

In keeping with the Japanese tradition of floral arranging ikebana, these brass floral frogs are a simple and effective tool for bringing the outdoors inside, one stem at a time. Use fewer flowers to create unique, modern arrangements. 

Kenzan is the Japanese name for floral frogs, meaning literally "sword mountain". Hanakatsu is a top maker of Kenzan in Japan. 

Available in three shapes:

The large rectangle is perfect for long rectangular or oblong vessels. 3.5 inches long. 

The sun and moon is a 2 inch circle with a detachable 1 inch wide moon. Use for circular vessels, or attach the moon and use in larger or oblong vessels.

The tiny square measures just 1 inch square across, and is perfect for a single stem or small arrangement.